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Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, Henri Star Muhammad is an award-winning violinist, conductor, composer, recording artist, author, scholar, and educator.


Henri Star began violin studies when he was seven years old with the encouragement of his parents. He studied with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and the Eastman School of Music and graduated with honors from the Buffalo Academy of Visual and Performing Arts.


Henri Star completed a Bachelor of Arts in Music at the University of Rochester. He also completed advanced violin studies with the late violinist, conductor, and composer Maestro Charles Veal.


Henri Star has mastered some of the most technically challenging pieces in violin literature, including the works of Mozart, Mendelssohn, and Tchaikovsky. 


Known for his fresh, innovative, and moving interpretations, he has also created original cadenzas for the Beethoven and Brahms Violin Concertos.


Henri Star tours throughout the United States and has performed with the Gateways African American Classical Music Festival Orchestra and the Harlem Symphony Orchestra. 


Henri Star presents masterclasses, workshops, and lectures, has written several published articles, and serves on the board of numerous artistic and community organizations. 


Contact Henri Star for performances, recording sessions, original composition, seminars, guest speaking, consulting, virtual learning, and masterclasses here. 

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